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The OPTICAL-ENGINE® powers every MISCO Palm Abbe refractometer. Optical-Engine technology features high-precision sapphire optics, the next hardest substance to diamond, which improve the speed and accuracy of temperature measurements. Competing refractometers only use glass prisms.

A 1,024 element high-definition detector array provides more than 8x’s the resolution of competitors’ 128 element low-definition arrays. The MISCO array has more than 3,256 ppi resolution compared with 400 ppi resolution in competing refractometers. The net result is a refractometer that is more rugged and more precise.

The Palm Abbe digital refractometer also features a large 24-character by two line LCD display with backlight, a stainless steel sample well and a protective evaporation cover. To top it off, the Palm Abbe has thousands of different scale combinations available and it is made in the USA.