We blanketed the roof of our manufacturing facility with 168 photovoltaic panels to generate electricity to power the building. This system produces enough energy to accommodate 98% or more of the building’s electrical requirements during peak times.

LEAN & Sustainable:

Rather than following a collection of best practices that reduce our environmental burden, our sustainability efforts are a comprehensive part of our LEAN culture and value system. No matter what your position on global warming, everyone can agree that sustainability and green energy is good for the environment, saves natural resources, and reduces energy costs.

MISCO Solar Energy Production
MISCO Sustainable Solar Panels

Doing our Part:

The Electrical energy we produce, in excess of our daylight needs, is exported back to the power grid for others to use. Over the next 20 years, we estimate that the solar-generated electricity from our panels will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3,420 tons, which is the equivalent of planting 160,000 trees or removing 800 cars from the road.

What Else Have We Done: 

As part of our sustainability initiative, natural lighting illuminates offices, production, and break areas. We have converted all light fixtures to energy-efficient LEDs, added occupancy sensors to specific areas, and utilize Energy Star certified equipment. We have incorporated low-flow water fixtures and on-demand electric water heaters to provide hot water only when needed. A stormwater catch basin, in front of our building, catches storm runoff where it slowly dissipates over time. And of course, we recycle as much as we can, including composting organic waste.