Refractometer to Measure Concentration of Triethylene Glycol (TEG).

I have a gas dehydration system which used TEG. Typical concentrations of Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) vary from 88% to 98%. Do you have a device that could measure the concentration of TEG to within +/- 0.5%. The typically impurities are 1) water ( 2-12%) and 2) oil (300- 1000 ppm). Thanks in advance.

No problem. Our Palm Abbe digital refractometer can measure the percent concentration of triethylene glycol (TEG) in your dehydration system from 0 to 100 percent (+/- 0.1%). You can choose a scale for TEG percent by concentration or TEG percent water. The oil contaminate should not be a problem because the refractometer only measures in the parts per thousand (ppt) range, not in parts per million.


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