Refractometer to measure concentration of salt brine for road deicing.

I am looking for an refractometer to measure & control concentration of salt brine preparation for road deicing (at 23.3 %). Is your refractometer applicable to this service?

We have two options for your brine maker. First, is the Palm Abbe digital refractometer with scales for sodium chloride (NaCl). Scales are available for salt concentration as percent by weight, parts per thousand (ppt), or percent (%) saturation. There are also scales available for testing the freeze point of your brine solution. We also have scales available for measuring calcium chloride, urea, and magnesium chloride as well. The Palm Abbe can have up to five different scales so one refractometer can measure the concentration of all your deicing fluids. The second option, would be installing an inline refractometer on your brinemaker to monitor salt brine concentration in real-time. A 4 to 20 mA on the inline can be wired to a PLC and can open or close valves to draw off salt brine when it is at the proper concentration. The inline unit can measure sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride.

Sodium Chloride Salt Brine Refractometer Salomete-; Sodium Chloride Salt Brine-Percent Saturation- Freeze Point in °C – MISCO Digital Refractometer

Sodium Chloride Salt Brine Refractometer Salometer- Sodium Chloride Salt Brine- Percent Saturation- Freeze Point in °F -MISCO Digital Refractometer

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