Testing for Ethylene Glycol leakage from heat transfer system with a refractometer

I need to detect Ethylene Glycol contamination in rain water as it flows through a pipe, in order to detect leakage from a heat-transfer system. I don’t need a measurement, simply a yes or no signal. Is this something you can supply?

The best method to detect low levels of ethylene glycol contamination in rain water is with the MISCO Palm Abbe digital refractometer. Equipped with one of several ethylene glycol scales the Palm Abbe refractometer can detect ethylene glycol to +/-0.1%. Refractometer scales are available for measuring ethylene glycol percent by weight, percent by volume, freeze point, specific gravity, density, and boiling point.


Ethylene Glycol Refractometer – Ethylene Glycol Scales -Concentration & Freeze Point °C – MISCO Digital Refractometer

Ethylene Glycol Refractometer – Ethylene Glycol Scales – Concentration & Freeze Point °F-MISCO Digital Refractometer

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