MISCO Refractometer Calibration Lab

The overall accuracy of a refractometer’s measurement is dependent upon the quality and calibration of the instrument. Uncertainty in measurement results can be kept to a minimum by controlling calibration related factors such as environment, reference material, comparison instrumentation, and training of personnel.

MISCO Offers:

    • A dedicated calibration laboratory
    • Environmental controls
    • Fully traceable calibration standards
    • Latest state-of-the-art calibration equipment
    • Trained and experienced personnel
    • Technical capability and knowledge
    • Documented procedures compliant with ISO/IEC 17025
    • Quick turnaround

Refractometers are outside the scope of most third-party calibration houses. Those that can test refractometers can usually only tell you only how far out of calibration your refractometer is at the zero point. They do not have the equipment, software or product knowledge required to actually recalibrate your instrument. This is specifically true of the Palm Abbe, which can only be recalibrated at MISCO. Since refractometers are all we do at MISCO, we have the equipment and trained technicians available to fully recalibrate your refractometer.

We are also a full-service repair facility for refractometers. Your refractometer can receive preventative maintenance, calibration, and repair all at the same facility. Again, because refractometers are all we do, you will be assured that your instrument will receive the proper care. No one else can offer this value. We are established experts in the field of refractometer manufacturing, repair, and calibration.

Quality Policy

How to Calibrate a Refractometer

The entire management and staff of MISCO is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of each customer’s needs by providing our full personal attention and the highest professional standards. Our key commitment is to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, with respect to the quality of our refractometers and services, at all levels of our organization.

The objective of the certified calibration program is to assure the highest standards of conformance of supplies and services and provide for prevention of inaccuracy by the ready detection of deficiencies and timely positive action for their correction.

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