IRIS+ | Intelligent Refractive Index Sensor – Inline Process Refractometer


The MISCO IRIS+™ Intelligent Refractive Index Sensor is an enhanced version of the popular IRIS Sensor. The main differences are that the IRIS+ has an integrated stainless flow-through adapter, slightly expanded operational temperature and pressure limits, and slightly better precision.

Like the IRIS, the IRIS+ is a self-contained measurement system. The modular IRIS+ design includes a stainless flow-through adapter with two stainless push-to-connect I/O ports and an integrated mounting bracket.

With just a quarter-turn, the detachable IRIS+ “SMART-sensor” can be removed from the adapter without tools for cleaning or maintenance. Since all the intelligence resides within the sensor itself, it is not dependent on an external control box. Standard sensor outputs include user-selectable 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10-volt signal. You can connect the output directly to a PLC or data capture system. The IRIS+ sensor may be programmed with any one scale from our extensive scale library.

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