MISCO Refractometer Calibration Lab

How to Order Refractometer Calibration

The MISCO Certified Calibration program provides all the requirements for the confirmation of calibration accuracies for handheld refractometers and Abbe refractometers, and for the preparation and control of certified traceable measurement standards. The intention of this program is to minimize uncertainty of measurements and minimize the risk of refractometers producing results having unacceptable errors. Further, this program provides compliance with International Standard ISO 9000, ISO 10012-1:1992(E) and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994.

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Start Here…

To find the correct part number to order calibration for your MISCO refractometer:

1.) First, determine whether you need a Level I or Level II Certification and use the chart below. Level I and II certifications differ only in the amount of documentation you require. Level I certification is less expensive than Level II certification because of the paperwork burden associated with the additional documentation requirements. Full Descriptions of Level I and Level II documentation are below the chart.

2.) Next, using the chart, find the model number for your refractometer in the left-hand column. “X” represents a variable number, so you would choose 104XXVP for the models 10430VP, 10431VP, 10440VP, and so on.

Calibration Selection Chart

Model ID
Level I & Level II
70X4VP+ Traditional Analog Handheld
7084VP+, 7064VP+

Level I & Level II

104XXVP Traditional Analog Handheld
10430VP, 10431VP, 10433VP, 10440VP, 10441VP

Level I & Level II

PAXXX Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer
All Models but xP

Level I & Level II


IRIS Inline Process Refractometer

Level I & Level II


Inline Process Refractometer

Level I & Level II


Level I vs Level II Documentation

What is the difference between Level I and Level II documentation for my MISCO Refractometer?

Level I Certification fulfills the documentation and certification requirements of most quality control programs and is the form most often ordered. It is designed for those companies that are concerned with instrument precision but are not burdened by regulatory requirements for additional documentation. All Level I certified calibrations from the MISCO calibration laboratory come with a printed certificate containing the information listed below.

Level II Certifications are for those companies that strictly adhere to the documentation requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. All Level II Certifications will receive a certificate with the Level I information AS WELL AS additional information listed below

Documentation Includes Level 1 Level 2
Title, Certificate of Calibration
Unique certificate identification number
The number of pages on the report
Description and identification of unit being calibrated
Name of the company requesting the report
Date test performed
Test and calibration results & unit of measure
Signature of technician performing the test
Name & address of MISCO Calibration Laboratory
Statement that, results relate only to the items tested or calibrated.
Statement that, the test report or calibration certificate shall not be reproduced except in full, without written approval of the laboratory
Condition of instrument on receipt
Out-of-tolerance statement
Statement of traceability
Complete contact information including Contact Person, Address, and contact Phone Numbers of Requesting Party.
Contact person
Date Test Requested
Statement of confirmation for date of testing
Description of laboratory equipment used in the calibration process including:
    Model #
    Serial #
    Last calibration date
    Next calibration date
    Traceable calibration standard used
    Detailed identification and description of traceable reference standards used
    Environmental testing conditions
    Were adjustments necessary?
As Found / As Left testing result data, including:
    Sample number
    Expected value
    Value as read
    Marked as in or out-of-tolerance